Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rhythmic motion during meditation

My daily meditation routine is going pretty good, infact I have a good sense of how important meditation is in shaping my thoughts, my composure and behavior, and hence it's kind of the number one thing I would like to do everyday.
Today's meditation was unique in that right from the point where I closed my eyes, I began to sense a ticking inside the body which grew into a gentle rocking of my body back and forth.
It was as if I was acting out how my upper body would be when I do my running.. Going back and forth rhythmically, only that I wasn't doing this action, it was happening involuntarily. And I found it to be quite a pleasant experience..especially the rhythm involved in the motion. Before I began the meditation, I lit a candle and invoked Amora, a higher conciousness, to aid me during the meditation. Altogether 30 minutes of good rhythm.
I blogged on the same topic last year. You can check it out here .

Update: After writing up this blog, I came across an article that resonates with the content in this blog: Meditation in Motion

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