Friday, April 03, 2009

Creating space for meditation

I have moved into a new house in Greenlake, Seattle. And before even moving in, I imagined how the space I allocate for meditation would be. It would be a large enough sitting area surrounded by things I consider sacred, which include crystals and pictures of sacred dieties and inspiriational people. And that is how I have it right now. My meditation sessions have also gone up in time.. I am able to do 30 minutes on an average these days and they get deep once I hit the 20 minute mark. 2 days back I did a 45 minute meditation (I didn't time it) which I didn't want to end. When I opened my eyes, I felt refreshed and a little sleepy. So I guess sacred space is pretty important for meditation. My previous apartment was very crowded and I didn't have a set space. This new apartment, I have created a nice space for my meditation practice and made sure that there is nothing nearby that's haphazard or disorganized.
Meditation also helps me see through the illusions of life, the dramas of life. If I am perturbed by something, I look forward to my meditation during the night, for I know that I will come out of the meditation feeling relaxed, reassured and have a good night's sleep.
Here's to deeper meditation and more inner peace and bliss through daily commitment to meditation.