Tuesday, March 21, 2006


Philosophy is a subject that can be both intriguing and simple at different times. It's intriguing when some concept or a riddle doesn't make sense, and it's simple when it does. Hence, there are a lot of such concepts which are intriguing at one time, that is before it's explored and which get clarified when sufficient thought has been exercised in an attempt to unravel the paradigm.

Philosophy as I see, is a riddle that takes time, a lot of time to solve, maybe even a life time or more. It is a riddle that keeps increasing in its complexity as one starts fitting the pieces of the puzzle. From a purely intellectual stand point, philosophy is of great appeal since it involves logic which comprises deduction and induction.

When the whole of world is trying to seek knowledge about the outside, the external, the universe in a broad sense; philosophy turns its enquiry inwards, towards the self, the being of the body, towards that entity that is the true identity of man.

This blog is an attempt at intellectually understanding the process of unravellment of the true identity.