Saturday, May 20, 2006

Of values, string theory and Brahman

Values in general are passed down from generation to generation. The generation wars start when the values are not fully accepted by the younger generation provoking the older generation to make comments like: ' how they used to more obedient to their parents, etc and how the current generation doesn't even listen to their parents, less take the advice.' Anyway, there is a wide gap between the values of the previous generation and the current one. I am being vague on the terms 'previous' and 'current', but you could say 20 years back and now. The reason for this gap, I believe is the progress in science has sort of made a mockery of the religious values and ritiuals. The younger generation wants a scientific reason for following the values/rituals, while the older generation say that these values have been passed down from years, nay eons ago and that they always work well for them. The younger ones as usual cannot simply believe , they want a reason, a logic system, a scientific ground for these values so that they can see for themselves that it indeed works well as their parents/elders say. But fortunately, science has come a full circle with the growth of the revolutionary 'super string theory' which to layman can be explained as: all matter and every thing in the universe is made up of strings of energy. These strings are in a state of continuous vibration and the frequency of their vibrations decides the characteristics of the matter.

This theory currently cannot be proved because the strings are of a very small magnitude(orders of 10^ -33) and can be seen only during the process of creation(of universe),
when enormous amounts of energy is produced.

Anyway, this theory has a common thread with hindu philospohy, where brahman is explained in detail. This brahman(similar to tao, chi, etc) is the source of everything in the universe, it is not only the source, it is also the creative force that manifests itself in the universe, so that we see the things the way they are. A parallel can now be drawn between the 'strings of vibrating energy' and 'brahman' which is also energy albeit of infinte magnitude.

Attempts are being made to gain hopes that string theory could atleast faintly be validated through what are known as atom smashers, one located in us and another in france.
Till then, both the string theorists and hindu philosophers will be true believers.