Friday, February 13, 2009

Experimentation and experiencing spiritual phenomena

As a graduate student, I think I have more flexibility in terms of what I can do with my time as compared to people who have a regular job. At any given time, I can either do research, go for a run, do a meditation, read a spiritual book, or simply experiment with stuff.
I have spent a lot of my time reading spiritual books, trying out meditations, trying to see if the methods described in the book actually work. For example, I read an exercise for viewing the aura on the internet and I tried it out in the library:

While doing a homework in the Odegaard undergraduate library at Udub, I noticed that infront of me was a small placard with something written on it that I don't remember right now. I then thought of testing out this aura stuff on the placard. I read that every colour gives off its complementary aura.
For example, green reflects a pink aura, pink gives green. Similarly, [blue, orange], [Violet,yellow] are auric pairs. The placard in the library was pink, so I expected to see a green colour. I unfocussed(yep your read it right) my eyes around the edge of the placard, and ka-boom, there was the greenish blur around the edges.. If I tried to focus my eyes, the green would vanish.. That's how you see the aura, you unfocus your eyes around the edge of an object.

What about human auras? I stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom of my apartment, partly closed the door so that it was darkish inside but with some light streaming in from the bedroom.
I stood gazing at the edges of my head, unfocussing my eyes to see if I detected anything or any colour. A minute later, I was able to see a thin white band around my head. As soon as I focussed my eyes on the white band, it went out of visibility. So 'being unfocussed' was the trick!
I haven't been able to see aura around people though.. As far as my aura, I can only see the whitish etheric laryer around my body in the mirror.

I began noticing energies first in my hands while meditating. It was like something was buzzing in my hands.. I think energy is a decent term for this buzzing. It was like wow..what is this buzzing that is happening in my hand. Initially, it only happened when I meditated. Now a days, it happens, every now and then, especially if I am totally into a devotional track.
I also started noticing a sprinkling/tingling/crawling sensation on the top of my head when I meditated. Some say this is a sign of the crown chakra being active. It's like there is some sort of a download that's happening at a portal near my head!
During a Reiki session, I had some pretty cool experiences like a sense of floating, feeling spacey, feeling a lot of heat in certain areas of the body, etc. The Reiki philosophy talks about the Reiki healer being a conduit for the cosmic energy to flow through to those parts of the body that require healing. So experiencing these energies personally, made the Reiki philosophy seem pretty credible.

I also see flashes of lights every now and then (my eye sight is normal!). I also see blobs of pink colour that stay for a few seconds (I think they could be my guides), though very infrequently.

Synchronicities refer to meaningful coincidences.. That is coincidences that carry more meaning to you than anyone else. For example, I was walking down to the Safeway store one morning to buy some grocery. Going on in my mind, was whether I should lie about something to someone.. I was in two minds, since I always try to say to the truth unless it is very uncomfortable. Entering Safeway, I heard a song that went,'Just tell the truth...'. Now this could just have been a coincidence, but it had a lot of meaning to me at that moment, and hence it's a synchronicity. Synchronicity is an indication of your being guided or your being in touch with your higher self.

Why am I writing about these experiences? One main reason is that you might have stumbled on this blog (through google for example) and might have had a few of these experiences without knowing if it was your imagination or if it was for real. You might also feel a need to know (I definitely did) if others are having these seemingly unusual experiences that you are having and if these experiences have meaning.
I mean it's one thing to say that you have a pranic or etheric body and another thing to even experience the energies or vibrations associated with that etheric body. So yeah experimentation is a great way (or maybe the only way) to validate the spiritual material you have read.

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