Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wonderful article from Heaven letters - On love

I subscribe to a daily email from Heaven letters, where the medium, Gloria, communicates with God.. You can think of it as a channeling or inspired writing, but I know it's consistent with the messages from books, from youtube, etc. Just have an open mind when you read it and enjoy.
How would it be if God were to communicate on a daily basis? Here's one of the daily emails I get:

God said:

What if you could remove the word they from your vocabulary? Then from whom would you be separated? You would not see anyone sitting across from you as opposite to you, and you would not be opposed to anyone's existence. No longer would you ever feel infringed upon, for you would know that everyone is yourself and due all the love and honor in the world and Heaven that you deserve and that you may presently feel has been denied you or taken away from you. You would never feel lack again. You would understand everything and misunderstand nothing.

When you eliminate the concept of them you would really know something. The thought of enemy would not occur to you. You would not feel superior or inferior to anyone. You would not be above or below. You would sit beside. You would be compassion incarnate. You would be the love you are. You would be a bright star on Earth, shining with all the other stars that reflect you and reflect Me.

You would not feel a need to cast judgment because you would know that all are supreme and entitled, and you would bless all from the richness of your heart.

And when hearts are full, who would think of punishment? What a far-fetched idea punishment would be! Who would want to think of punishment when love is front stage? Punishment would not give joy to anyone. How could it? Such a frivolous flighty thing punishment is. Punishment is, of course, nonexistent next to love. It cannot even be conceived of when love is in bloom. What ills of the world can be conceived of next to the power of love? What doesn't fade away next to love? Without love, what matters? And with love, what else matters? What can hold a candle to love? I know of nothing. Certainly worldly goods do not add up next to love.

Love is your best friend. The love in your heart is the most powerful asset you have, and you have many. Whatever talents you have, no matter how wondrous, they are next to nothing when compared to love. Your talents are beautiful, and I adjure you to develop them, and yet, without love, they are nothing.

Stay close to love, beloveds. Foster it in your heart. Desire to be a great giver of love. Give Divine Love to the world. Just love the world, and the world will swell in your love. The world will not be shy to accept your love. So, yes, love the world and all in it.

If you think the world is too crowded for you to love everyone, move over on the park bench you sit on and make room, or give someone your seat. Your heart, unlike the park bench, however, knows no limits and can accommodate all. There is no limit to the fullness of your heart. Fill your heart up with My love, and then let that love go like a balloon that flies up to the sky. All you have to do is to let go of your love, and it will rise, and it will succor the world. Your love will reach all hearts. Your love will reach the furthermost stars, and it will reach those who sit on curbs lonely, waiting for love. Your love will fill the vacancy in any heart. Your love is a seed that you scatter, and it will land where it will, and it will grow on good soil wherever it lands. I bless you, and I bless your love, and I bless all upon whom your love falls.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing matters revisited

Nothing matters is one of my favorite insights, and more so because I have actually been in an experience that forced me to ask myself if it really matters. And the answer was it doesn't. Nothing really matters.. Because at death, what you amassed in terms of money or what position you rose to in your career.. It doesn't matter. And death is just a horizon to a new beginning.
Nothing really matters.. yes, I had this profound insight in September 2007 and it's the most delicious insight I have ever had. My life came to the point where I said, it doesn't matter.. It doesn't matter if I need to quit my Phd program..(I was ready at that point to accept that situation if it happened..) I am good, if I am penniless, I am good. It doesn't matter at all if any of my fears come true. To hell with my fears. That's the power of nothing matters.. You can kick the word 'fear' out of your life. Here's an article I read that reminded me of this insight.
Enjoy.. Because It doesn't Matter!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spiritual Movies

I had a marathon friday night with 4 back to back movies and one movie on Saturday.
I watched:
1) Celestine Prophecy - A pretty good movie, I liked the scenes where they show the auras of two people interacting and influencing one another. Set in the jungles of Peru, it is a thriller on uncovering insights - It's a spiritual thriller.
2) Enchanted - An animation cum real world movie.. Pretty funny, loved the Chipmunk character.
3) Groundhog day - One of those wonderful movies you don't want to end. The central message is: If you had just one day to live your life, how would you live it?
4) Made in heaven - Nice look at the concept of reincarnation through a love story.
5) City of Angels - Although I disagree on the portrayal of angels in this movie, this movie was a decent watch.

Here's a webpage that gives it's version of 50 good spiritual movies.