Monday, February 16, 2009

The concept of God, Part 1

Once I encountered a definition of God through spiritual books(not to be confused with religious books) that embodies limitlessness, purity and freedom, I find most of the religious definitions of God to be very limiting, and very 'old'.

I think we can all agree that God is something or someone that is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient.

What does omnipresent mean? It means something that is present everywhere. How can God be present in all of universe, unless God is all of the universe? What does that mean?
It means that Universe is not just God's creation, the Universe is also a part or an extension of God, literally!!!

It means that the stone you see on the road has God consciousness. It means that dirt, flowers, shit, water, good, bad, everything has God consciousness. It also means that we, human beings have God consciousness. This is what is meant by saying that everyone has a divine spark within them.

Many religions think of God to be a perfect bodied male!! Why not female?? Why not just consciousness?? Why the heck are you limiting God to be just a male or a female? Why can't God have no form or why can't God be a flower or a tree or a river or the sky? Why not?? If God is indeed omnipresent and Omnipotent, God can be any or all or none of that. God can also be an alien, God can damn well be anything God wishes to be.

This is the concept of limitless God: A God that can take up any form.. Human form, animal form, plant form, a rock form, any form (or no form) that God chooses. God can be a female, male, transgender, anything that it pleases to be.

I mean, think about it. If humans were ants, and not humans, we would be having an ant god. . If humans were dogs and not humans, we would be having dog gods!!. If humans were plants and not humans, we would be having a plant god/goddess and so on.. Thus we are making up the concept of God, based on how we look.. That is the first step to defining God, but a baby step nevertheless, since we have limited God to have the characterisitcs we have, only in a more perfect way.

Man is made in the image of God, but that image refers to the divine spark within everyone, not to the external physical form.
We look at our external physical form(the body) and say, God should also have a human form.. That to me, based on the previous paragraph is an elementary way to define god.

The definition of God that makes God limitless (not restricting God to be a male or a female or any shape or form), all loving and completely non-judgemental is the definition I will take of God. Indeed, ye are all gods refers to the fact that what makes God, a God is present as a potential in everyone of us. It's only our limited understanding of who we really are that makes us think that we are separate from God, or that we are not powerful as God is, or that we are mere bodies.. No, we are not just bodies, we are spirits that are embodied. This understanding can really transform limiting belief systems into a more expansive, all inclusive and empowering belief system. Let's have that on our earth, let's have a new understanding of a limitless, expansive, all-loving, non-judgemental God and a new understanding of who we really are.

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