Thursday, August 06, 2009

On Thoughts

Some great reminders/articles from heaven letters on thinking:



1) The more you think of certain kinds of thoughts, the more you attract them.
For example, the more you fear or worry, the more you have those thoughts as the days go by and the easier your reality will reflect these thoughts.
2) Thoughts are like an investment. You always want to make a good investment to reap good margins in the future. Similarly, always invest in good thoughts, uplifting thoughts, joyful thoughts. Don't engage fears, worries, regrets, resentments, hatred, malice, etc. They are a trap.
While you are engaged in these negativities it feels like you are taking revenge or seeing through other people. But the other side of the coin is, these thoughts will keep you distracted from the reality for a longer time as you keep mulling over them. Also fearing something a lot attracts exactly what you fear into your life. And then you will say, 'This is exactly what I feared would happen'. So the flashbulb should go off, to realize that you must stop fearing or worrying. Period.
3) It's not easy to stop worrying or stop fearing even though you want to. It has become a habit to reflect on fears and worries, so that even if you don't want them, they may not stop.
The idea then is to deflect the mind to peaceful thoughts, happy thoughts or a mantra. And reflect more and more on these peaceful thoughts or mantras during your free time, so that you move away from worries, fears and other negativities.


kbplaya33 said...

hi karthi,
i read your post on jims forum about your meditation expiriences and i didnt know how else to reach you so i'm contacting you here. first of all, i have been meditating for a month now and i read that you started having out of body expiriences when you first started out meditating. my question is how soon after you started, a month, two months, about how soon? Like i said i have been meditating for a month and i still have not had any expiriences. how soon do you think i should look out for those expiriences. Also do you have any pointers for me or anything. Well other than that thanks for your time Karithi and i look forward to hearing back from you. Take care.

karthik said...

Hello kbplaya,

Thanks for your comment. I haven't had an out of body experience but I have had some other experiences such as involuntary body movements..

Initially I was looking for experiences in meditation, since it was fun to experience these things.. But later on and even now, I do it because it gives me peace of mind.

Pointers: Well, meditate for as long as you are comfortable and use any technique you are comfortable with. I personally use mindfulness meditation.
Don't worry if you don't get experiences in the beginning, doing meditation and observing your own mind itself is an experience!