Saturday, August 01, 2009

My deepest desire

Is to have constant inner peace. It's a definite possibility that I am moving towards.
Having inner peace doesn't mean you are sitting idle. It doesn't mean you are not focused or can't be focused at the same time.
Inner peace is a place of clarity. It is a place of wonderful well-being. It is a place of joy, an inner joy that gets expressed through ones actions, ones words. Inner peace is a state of being as comfy as home, as inviting as a bathtub, as clear as the blue sky.
Inner peace supports everything, it is a pillar of inner strength that can withstand any storm with calm. Inner peace is the eye of every storm.
Having inner peace means that you have cut out worries and fears from your life, it means that whatever you do, you do it with total focus and thus you become very productive at work with that state of inner peace. Inner peace knows no stress. Having constant inner peace doesn't mean, you have become a monk, although that is a great thing to aspire for. Having inner peace means that you are comfortable with yourself, with people around you, with the situation you find yourself in. Inner peace is knowing that things are perfect as they are. Inner peace is moving easily through life.
Inner peace to me is what I have been searching for all my life, without sometimes realizing it.
Meditation,prayer,contemplation,books,and blogging are my means to get closer and closer to a state of constant inner peace.
Inner peace is my deepest desire, everything else is a bonus.

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