Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fantastic FAQs on meditation

I found this website that has very good FAQs. The questions cover many many aspects of meditation experiences, kinds of meditation, problems, etc and the answers are pretty good.
Jim Malloy, who compiled this FAQ seems to be very knowledgeable and full of wisdom gained from his meditation practice and experiences. Really worth a visit if you are into meditation. Here's the link.


Anonymous said...

Your blog is great. I came across it when I had doubts about doing Night Meditation. I am going to start today, it's been a while I wanted to do meditation and was wondering if night time is the best time. But you have cleared my doubts. Keep up the good work.

karthik said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thanks for your feedback.
For me night meditations are my favorite time, because I can release all my worries and stress from the day and become relaxed before I go to sleep.