Saturday, March 07, 2009

Spiritual Movies

I had a marathon friday night with 4 back to back movies and one movie on Saturday.
I watched:
1) Celestine Prophecy - A pretty good movie, I liked the scenes where they show the auras of two people interacting and influencing one another. Set in the jungles of Peru, it is a thriller on uncovering insights - It's a spiritual thriller.
2) Enchanted - An animation cum real world movie.. Pretty funny, loved the Chipmunk character.
3) Groundhog day - One of those wonderful movies you don't want to end. The central message is: If you had just one day to live your life, how would you live it?
4) Made in heaven - Nice look at the concept of reincarnation through a love story.
5) City of Angels - Although I disagree on the portrayal of angels in this movie, this movie was a decent watch.

Here's a webpage that gives it's version of 50 good spiritual movies.

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