Friday, March 13, 2009

Nothing matters revisited

Nothing matters is one of my favorite insights, and more so because I have actually been in an experience that forced me to ask myself if it really matters. And the answer was it doesn't. Nothing really matters.. Because at death, what you amassed in terms of money or what position you rose to in your career.. It doesn't matter. And death is just a horizon to a new beginning.
Nothing really matters.. yes, I had this profound insight in September 2007 and it's the most delicious insight I have ever had. My life came to the point where I said, it doesn't matter.. It doesn't matter if I need to quit my Phd program..(I was ready at that point to accept that situation if it happened..) I am good, if I am penniless, I am good. It doesn't matter at all if any of my fears come true. To hell with my fears. That's the power of nothing matters.. You can kick the word 'fear' out of your life. Here's an article I read that reminded me of this insight.
Enjoy.. Because It doesn't Matter!!

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