Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shamanic meditation experience

This was about a week back.
Went to the East-west bookshop in Seattle where there was a shamanic meditation going on at 7 pm.
There were about 10 people in the room. We were all sitting in a circle on chairs. The room was mildly lit with an incense buring in the room to create a calm atmosphere. The instructor started off by talking about meditation in general and shamanic meditation in particular. She then stood in the centre of the circle and started calling the spirits and guides of the east, west, north, south. The instructor also called on the guardian angels and ancestors of people in the room to come in during the shamanic meditation. She asked us what we expected from this session. I mentioned that I would like to meet my spirit guides. Others mentioned that they wanted to just be open a new experience, experience clarity, etc.
The meditation started by the instructor asking us to become comfortable by either lying down or reclining or sitting on chairs. Most of us lied down, 2 of them were sitting on a chair.
She had a 20 minute tape which she played - It was a guided meditation with drum beats in the background.
The meditation began by us being asked to imagine that we are in a lush green forest and that we are in front of descending steps that go into a clearing. We were asked to breath in and out as we descended the steps into the clearing. As we reached level ground, we were asked to visualize a door or a gate into the clearing. As we opened the door, we were to leave our burdens/cares/worries in a basket near the gate. We were then to begin our journey by being open to whatever shows up.
Since, I was intending to meet my spirit guides, I tried visualizing beings of light.. My visualization skills need a lot of improvement, but I could still visualize two beings of light around me. I listened for any communication, but I didn't get any. I was wondering what I should be doing next.
Meanwhile, my body was becoming more and more relaxed, as I listened to the rhythmic drum beat sounds coming from the tape being played. As I began to feel more relaxed, I started sensing vibrations near my chest and on the top of my head. It gradually increased to a point where I stopped trying to visualize my journey through the clearing in the forest and started experiencing these wonderful vibrations on my chest. At one point, I felt like two hands were gently pressing on my chest and sending me warmth, I did feel warmth, and also vibrations. (Reference)
To the readers, I would like to mention that usually when I meditate, I sense vibrations on the top of my head though they were more pronounced during this experience. The vibrations and warmth that I felt on my chest during the above experience were similar to those I felt during a reiki experience I had before.
Also, the drum beats were spacing me out, I felt very light near my chest region and felt like I was floating. The spacing out feeling has so far not been a pleasant experience, but I think I will get used to it soon. For instance, in this blog I had written previously, I was pretty shaken by this experience.

Peoples' experiences
Before I knew it, the meditation had to come to an end. I was pretty relaxed and wanted to stay that way for some more time. The instructor then enquired about our experiences.
One guy mentioned that he was going through the forest, he saw monkeys and then that he was among them and playing with them. Then he went to drink water near a lake and that he was drinking water with other animals and strangely he felt like he was a monkey. His tale went on and on this way and had weird twists and turns to it.
Another guy mentioned that he was a journalist and got an insight on an interesting topic that he could write about.
Others like me mentioned that we experienced vibrations and heat near the chest, head, etc.

The instructor then summarized the experiences by saying that, shamanic experiencers fall into the three broad categories of visionaries, journeymen, and healers.

I asked a few more questions afterwards and that was it. A pretty interesting experience, I must say, though a lot similar to the reiki experience I had earlier.

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Thomas said...

Sounds like a wonderful experience!

Shamanic meditation primarily makes use of the mind as a transporter. It brings the individual to another dimension where most worldly considerations are not present. In such instances, a lot of people experience out of body experiences, vibrations and the like.

The power to use the mind, is also seen in Thetahealing. Through prayer and meditation, Thetahealing brings the person closer to the creator. In those moments, the mind becomes a powerful tool strong enough to cure all forms of diseases.

Hope I could also try the type of meditation that you mentioned. Thanks!