Saturday, January 24, 2009

Channeled messages resources

One of the purposes of this blog is to disseminate spiritual knowledge and wisdom that I have gained from my personal experiences (good and bad - though now I just look at them as experiences that altered my perspective - especially the so-called bad ones) and by persual of books. I also take great pleasure in pointing out to sources of knowledge and wisdom on the internet.

The internet is a fantastic place to get inspired messages and spiritual guidance if you know where to look.
Channeling is a form of dissemination of knowledge or wisdom. This is a process where two people are involved. One is the channeler, who acts as a channel or as a medium for the second person or entity. This second person or entity is a non-physical being or a being without a physical body that channels information through the channel or medium.
You might question this whole channeling process. By all means, be sceptical. My take on this is that, the messages being disseminated through the channels are consistent with the knowledge that I gained through reading spiritual books.
Let me give you an example: In the book, 'Home with God' by Neale Donald Walsch,
it is stated that contrary to what many people think, 'The body doesn't house the soul or the spirit, it is the other way around: the soul houses the body'.
The above statement was clarified in a channeling session by Bashar(on youtube) when the entity stated that the soul houses the body and not the otherway around. Did Bashar's channel, Darryl Anka, read 'Home with God'? Well, if he did, he is keeping track of many, many spiritual books and their messages. On the other hand, it seems more likely that this channeling process is legitimate.
So, as in the above example, I just looked to see if the messages have a 'ring' of authenticity and truth to them (based on my existing understanding gained from reading books), but in the process, I also got convinced about the authenticity of this channeling process.
So, my suggestion would be to be 'open' to the channeled messages and see if you find a 'ring' of truth to them.

Below is a list of my favorite channeling links:
On Youtube!
1) Darryl Anka on Bashar
2) Bashar - Circumstances don't matter
3) Tuning in - trailer of a documentary on channeling
4) Veronica
5) St. Germain on love vs fear
6) Steve Rother and group
7) Abraham-Esther-Hicks
8) Galactic council voice
9) Trisha Newton

On Webpages
1) Lightworkers
2) Crimson circle
3) Salusa
4) Kryon
5) A huge collection of channeled messages
6) Wisdom of the light

Have fun and enjoy the learning or remembering.

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