Tuesday, February 09, 2010

My first lucid dream with flying (and love-making)

Today I woke up at 5:00 am and was just lying around in the bed drifting back into sleep but not able to. Somewhere around 6:30 am, I was lying down on my back and sensed something strange. Now, lying down on the back when you are deeply relaxed is a powerful way to go out of body or lucid!!
So I was lying down on the bed and my eyes were getting heavier... I was staring at the ceiling.
And then I noticed that my legs started cycling rhythmically for no reason!!!
I touched the 'touch' light stand near me to see if I was dreaming - The first touch turned the light on... The other touches had no effect when they should have!!! So perhaps I had just woken up from sleep and was still partly astral and perhaps that was my astral hand doing the touching. Perhaps!
My eyes were getting heavier... So I closed my eyes and immediately.... I woke up quickly... I knew this was astral wake up or out-of-body wake up!!! Remember, that when this happened, it was dark around!
But the momentum wasn't sustained... So I went back to lying position and I sat up again and this time I woke up completely - standing up... It seems like I was out of body!!! I was so excited... I knew that I was out of body or in a lucid dream... And my impulse was to run... So I ran and the scenery changed... I was in another room.... And I saw a glass window in front of me... I was hesitant to go through the closed window... But I knew I was astral, so I went through it anyway and joy of joy... I was on the second floor of a building and ready to jump... And I jumped and glided gently down to the ground with my body horizontal and hovering above the ground. I got up and decided to fly. So I said to myself.... light, light, fly and I slowly lifted up....
It seemed to me like I was in the downtown of some city(I actually live in Greenlake, Seattle - not close to downtown) and so I was flying and enjoying it... Because I was aware that I was dreaming... I observed the buildings around me.. Some of them were in a bad shape... But there were other sky scrapers and they looked good.
I then thought, oh maybe I could visit my guides.
The scenery changed and I was in a bus?? Right next to me a woman and there were more people coming in. The next thing I knew, I was having sex with this woman next to me... Man, it felt so real..After a few moments of passionate sex, I woke up for real, refreshed and taking in deep breaths.... That was one heck of a lucid dream with flying and love making!
So in the beginning I was aware that I was 'out of body' or perhaps 'lucid' but towards the end.. I had partial awareness... Since I was caught up in ahem.. love making.
But all the same, this is great progress for me in lucid dreaming :)

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