Monday, September 10, 2007

Dream - I: Arousal

I will try and record my dreams in this blog since it might help me review them later on.

Dreams for me, have been mostly in B&W, with a few notable exceptions lately - Colour and the one I remember vividly is greenery, green grass which seemed as real as in life. Dreams in my experience are mostly a projection of my frustrations and angst or things that have been occupying my mind during the time I have those dreams.
But of late, and in particular, yesterday, I had a dream that had an amazing climax..or just shy of a climax.

I was in my hostel at IITM in a friend's room and since I am in recollection mode right now, I hardly remember what I was doing there. But a while later I was down and that's where I noticed the surrounding greenery and I was pleased with the colour in the dream. Later on, I was among a group of people who were hanging around the hostel and doing some vague stuff.
Dreams are hard to recollect as you can see from my description. A girl who was with me accompanied me back to my friends room(why not my room? dreams have not much logic), but this time it was only me and this girl.
And wonders of wonders, she sported a bikini. I only got to look at her butt and her long slender legs, but that was enough to have me completely aroused in the dream and I was rushing to my friends room and I even remember asking her if she could indulge in some sex, and wierdly and ofcourse shockingly to me, she consented with a smile. I hurriedly tried unlocking the friends room and during those tense moments, I woke up excited and the arousal stayed with me for quite sometime.
Frequent dreams like these and I wouldn't mind sleeping often!

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